We have survived to 2021

Photo Credit: unsplash.com/Erik Nyberg

The year 2021 will be known as the year the entire world stood still. We all felt, and are still feeling the pandemic and its effect on our countries. In the Caribbean we are not insulated from the coronavirus Covid_19, but maybe we are small enough for it to be manageable with strong leadership. I’ve experienced the lockdowns and isolating interactions, but I am happy to be alive to type this post to you.

Writing for me is like breathing, its what I do when I need to relax, exercise and enjoy time. Reading is my inhale and writing is my exhale, smile!

To all the followers I’ve accumulated over the years on this platform, thank you for sticking with me. I’d like to get to know you better ( does sound intense, smile), I appreciate you and hope you and your family are safe. Our worlds will once again collide, and I hope you will join me throughout 2021 on my blogging head-office https://www.donnaluisa.com and my twitter https://twitter.com/DLE41 . Everyday there is something new, and I look forward to connecting with you on these other platforms also.

The past is in the past, and we must spend our time and energy focusing on the value we can bring to each other and positively make our words light enough that they will ease the weight carried by readers. Last year was hard. It was hard seeing and feeling the impact of losses worldwide. Jobs, homes, families, communities all devastated by a virus soo harsh it could not be avoided, but yet, so easy to manage through, social distancing, sanitizing regularly and wearing face masks. It sounds easy, but its hard for folks without food, shelter, clothing, work, kindness and love. Yes, love has been missing from the lives of so many before the pandemic thus right now, even kindness and compassion are like a warm embrace.

Its time to go beyond survival, and to do this, we can’t go further alone. If I’ve learnt anything from this virus, its we need to take care of each other. If even one person is left behind, we can all be exposed to a deadly disease. Let’s do this together, and we can come out of this pandemic, stronger than before. Be careful in our interactions, and share whatever resources we can to help those less fortunate around us.

Thank you again for reading, and following my words. My island is too small to be a part of this platform’s program, but I hope my words are big enough to get to you!

In Gratitude,



About Me: Family and People are big motivators for me. Business Development, Entrepreneurship and everything else are intertwined, existing together in my life. As a problem-solver navigating through chaos and crisis is always my new normal. We can make sense of everything!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

Contact: dleversley2017@outlook.com for professional services — entrepreneurship, business consultancy, coaching and speaking appointments.

https://donnaluisa.com or https://twitter.com/DLE41 or https://www.linkedin.com/in/donnaluisa/

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