There is no longer the need to assume 'big stick’ management practices work. When staff are assigned tasks and held accountable for their actions, trust is either built or broken. I’m actually in favor of off site management wherever possible. Technology has given us several tools to ensure communication is ongoing and one can sit in on a meeting when necessary virtually via mobile app.

As it relates to balance and effectiveness, let’s remove the barriers which encourage lying, skirting the truth or 'alternative facts’ ! By creating an environment where the employee is not watching the clock and the employer is not trying to 'see' what his staff is up to, performance and job satisfaction can prevail. Keeping costs down, with stress free operations is my idea of creating and encouraging balance. Then you have time to shoot pool, play Tennis or take a walk in the park with your family !

I'm a business development marketing entrepreneur & Dwordslayer — I love different cultures,people and words. My Best brand I own — Me!

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