The Changing of the Guard

Slavery, and its oppressive nature happened. The Klu Klux Klan aka KKK was and is real. The brutality against minorities from time immemorial has a place in the bowels of the world. We thought we had moved on… we did not. Obviously. Oppression, hatred and white supremacy crimes happened and continues to happen.

If we look at the western societies which we assume to be civilized, we can see vestiges of something which should never be in our present. To unearth ancient civilizations it takes skilled archeologists to discover under tons of rubble, lost cities and artifacts. Many of these things we use to understand what was there before, and why it no longer is. There are somethings we can all hope to banish into oblivion, so it cannot be found, such as racial hatred and ‘slavery’ and religious intolerance and ‘holy wars’. Yet they still exist, and reside next to us.

The mind will be jerked into catalytic memories of tears, marches, anarchy and loss of lives later this week. For many, one of our thoughts are of the many Jews who lost their lives because Adolf Hitler thought they were responsible, for the economic condition of his country during his life. He thought they were ‘bad’ for Germany, and his hatred mirrors that of the incoming USA president — for immigrants, minorities, women and those who presently live in that land of ‘liberty’.

History reminds us of the times of triumph and the very dark days when all our ancestors had was hope. Many thought they would never see equality, freedom, women rights, children’s rights, gender rights, and a lengthy wish list of basic rights of humankind. In this twenty-first century the fight continues, as does the hope. We are brought together through our struggles and our victories. We are brought together because be believe that evil should never rule over good, and light will over power darkness.

As I await the changing of the guard, this thought comes to mind.. “is it possible that the people of the world’s most powerful nation were missing scandal, hate, and fear so much, they wished to change all that was progressive and good to something starkly opposite?” My next thought makes me shudder, “is it possible that the probable election of a woman was so sure the only way possible to ensure it did not happen was by fraud, hacking, hijacking, and ultimately by any means necessary?” In both instances, its not as bad as it sounds, because it means something good and powerful was happening.

Whatever the reasons, the players all have their own agendas, and now you need to show where you stand more than ever! This is a new reality.


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