Of Panties and People: Fads and Choices

Can the demand for distressed garments push you to the selection of your ultimate intimate?

Distressed panties will not be something on my list ‘to purchase’. I’ve got a few organically developed and they are too comfortable to let go. I had this crazy thought about ‘distressed fashion’, while hanging my undergarments on an outdoor line to get some sun-drying.

The thought…

Imagine walking into a store and finding tired looking panties, shredded, and with holes. Hmm, that would get folks talking. It could even get those folks inclined to be ‘trendsetters’ buying a tired beaten flimsy panty for maybe double what one would pay for the regular stuff. The mind of the consumer can be confusing at times. Thus, I’m trying to figure out what would make someone get insane with ‘holey intimates’!

Teeny Tweens. I can see this group of young-uns checking out a Kardashian blog or Taylor Swift update to see if they are wearing distressed briefs. If ‘reality and other famous stars’ are into a train-wreck piece of cloth, these impressionable babes will be sure to get on that band-wagon. Does modesty have a place at any age anymore — I’m not sure?

Beyond the superficial

Twenty somethings. Miley Cyrus has really been a trendsetter when it comes to ladies briefs. I am thanking her for helping the ‘big bloomers’ get back to mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ‘thong- tang’ but when it comes to comfort and support, fabric sure helps gravity! If this group finds Miley is into distressed briefs that will be a touchdown for the shredded briefs! .

At any age. Distressed panties can also be the ones which hold a story of infidelity. They are distressed because the owner is distressed, highlighting rage, scorn, and hurt from deceit. These are panties distressed because they are hidden, abused and cast aside as discarded passion without remorse in many cases. The story of your undergarments are indeed the holders of mystery and sometimes shame.

Your distressed panties can be powerful, but you must see beyond the stories you choose to share, and empower yourself to use them wisely!

Faddy panties

Fads are more than just the outcome of formal or informal marketing. Fads are now cultural ideas which can capture and hold a sector of the market, creating a movement, and a symbol of rebellion. Choices of clothing and decisions on ‘what to wear’ and ‘what not to wear’ are decisions we make everyday.

In the past women could not wear a bathing-suit in public, much less a gown which revealed her bosom. Nowadays, less is more in pushing the boundaries of acceptance and women are leading the way when it comes to ‘the right to choose’. This goes beyond the boundaries of clothing, voting, driving a car, and choosing not to wear a head-scarf. Choice for women is much more than the superficial garments, and it is a symbol of our human equality and right to co-exist in a male dominated world.

Everyone, including minorities, have a desire to break through that famous glass-ceiling. Who has the right to choose what religion one should embrace or what one should believe? While fighting for our rights we must keep in mind there are extremes to everything and at some point, being right can become wrong for those of a different belief.

Marketing intimates

Getting back to the superficial -will you choose to buy a pair of distressed panties, and if so, do you wish for an original or will the counterfeit version be preferable? Do you want the ones that are stretched out of shape or will you buy the ones with many holes and thread-bare? Will fabric matter at this point and is color an option? Will you need to select based on comfort or will it matter when no one can see it?

In contemplating this possible trend, I’m holding on to those ‘oldy-goldies’, one day my distressed panties can make a comeback. Maybe I can have an auction for Caribbean distressed lingerie, because an antique should fetch a good profit!

Finally, we have the tried and true ‘commando style’, when all else fails why worry about a piece of fabric. Marketing and trends have power because the consumer chooses to embrace, and buy into the genius of ‘sense-suasion’. Throughout the years marketeers have been able to capitalize on persuasive techniques and manipulating buying decisions, and social media has simply made it easier.

So tell me, are you going to invest in distressed briefs?

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting. Looking forward to your thoughts on this topic!

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First published on dwordslayer.blogspot.com 13/06/18. Revised April, 2019.

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