Neither does the man who they went to meet.. but he is there. This reminds me of how a neighborhood loses value. First one crook moves in. Then he calls his other family crooks to join him as he sets up shop. Suddenly his friends other ‘crookerds’ crawl in from every nook and cranny. Then you got the neighborhood being devalued because of the ‘wheeling and dealing’ in what was once an upscale location. Then of course you have the sleazy lawyers , judges and law enforcement officials who are on the ‘take’ patrolling the streets around you. People have to pay a ‘criminal tax’ to be allowed to move freely. No one can take these thugs down. Yup, the making of Gotham — in real life. Where the hell is batman? Holy shit he’s on pre retirement leave!

Soon it will be darn hard to write satire Allan Ishac, someone messed with reality and boom satire has to fight to keep its place! There goes your paycheck!

I'm a business development marketing entrepreneur & Dwordslayer — I love different cultures,people and words. My Best brand I own — Me!

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