Need a Stripe to get a reward…?

“I’m always going to be a minority unless I stand out from the crowd so those like me will stand also.” (dwordslayer, 2018)

I can’t sleep because I’m looking for a reasonable answer which requires feedback from someone else. To understand the reason behind my insomnia, stepping back a bit is important. It’s time to get specific about the Medium Partner Program.

To Team Medium

Medium is a pleasure to write on. Its one of these platform where writers can experiment, induldge and enjoy writing while building a following, and if you are one of the privilaged few — earn money. For persons from 25 major countries where ‘Stripe’ is accepted you’re a winner, so come on down and blog, earn and enjoy your status. I never heard of Stripe before this program so its quite possible this is a mutually beneficial relationship with growth for everyone as they each grow the other’s markets. To be fair Medium does have the edge, but I regress.

Stripe also has a great reputation, and I’m sure my lack of knowledge had nothing to do with its great reputation, just my small island vibe, sun sea and sand! Closest thing to a Stripe would be a Jamacian Red Stripe Beer :-)

I joined the program and hoped to be a part of the financial reward program when it rolled out. Unfortunately, I’m from a twin island state in the Caribbean, and there are not many of us blogging on Medium. The reality is it may not be feasible for a very long time to benefit from this program, which I enjoy subscribing to, and have been from its inception. Another blogger has asked why I’m not publishing with the program and he is now another one too many, hence my insomnia tonight, and thoughtful gibberish.

Maybe there are other bloggers like myself who are not in the ‘first world’, and this is said in jest! We are indeed world bloggers united by verbs, antonynms, synonyms and nouns and I’ll even throw in adjectives to name a few and we would like to be considered. Thus, maybe, PayPal can be a solution for us folks of humble origin. To be fair, you probably explored that option, and found it to be less rewarding when looking at the bigger picture at the time. Maybe, for some of us its worth a second look, so we can also not just be givers but be on the receiving side of shared and loved words.

This is probably my worst literary piece but, finally sleep is coming on.

To my fellow readers, please read this while sipping on coffee, and having a slice of toast with marmalade or whatever you like. Then, if you are so inclined clap, send a few words of yay or nay, and smile because its a weekday and life is divine!

PS, Here is my PayPal because can’t get anything with a stripe :-)

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I'm a business development marketing entrepreneur & Dwordslayer — I love different cultures,people and words. My Best brand I own — Me!

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