Freedom of the Press/Freedom of the People

There is much respect for outgoing USA President Barack Obama. The humility, respect and class of this world leader never ceases to amaze me. As I read an article about his last press meeting, it was not difficult to compare it to the first press conference of the incoming USA President. These men are so different, yet the responsibility of the ‘office’ is the same. As President Barack Obama advised the press, they are needed to keep the office of the president in check. The press is needed to keep whoever is governing from committing acts which are not in the best interests of the country. The press are the guardians of democracy and the mouth piece by which the public will know that power is not being abused.

When the incoming president met with the press he attacked them, disrespected those who chose to ask him basic questions, and called them fake. In my country there is a saying, “if you have cocoa in the sun, look out for rain” — this means if you have something to hide always be prepared to be discovered, thus being defensive.

There are many journalists who have been beaten, been inflicted with grievous bodily harm and even death, to ensure ‘the people’ have true information available. The citizens of a country need to have access to information. What is amazing is the ‘free pass’ given to a man who refuses to disclose his taxes as done by all incoming presidents of the USA. In not disclosing the basic prerequisites of honorable and ethical conduct, it is clear transparency will not be a part of his governing rule. This I do believe is the crux of his ‘fear’ and hatred’ for good journalism.

Reporters report. Good reporters are quite crafty at pulling information one wishes to keep hidden, and the ‘new president’ has been caught in a web of untruths throughout his ascension to the role of leader. He cannot persuade and bullshit his way with these pressmen and women who have studied and lived analyzing human behavior.

Freedom and The People

Who will stand for what is right? Who is prepared to speak out against someone who has been given the power both to help and harm? The people of the USA are talking. They are not keeping quiet. The people are marching and protesting by the hundreds of thousands. Women are coming together, to stand up against a man who is a self confessed ‘PussyGraber’ (PG). A man who thinks its okay to mock the disabled. A man who thinks its okay to mock a grieving mother of a dead war hero of the USA. A man who lives for one hundred and forty characters on a twitter feed, to hide cowardly as he shares his limited vocabulary. A man who is ‘overrated’ when it comes to being a winner, but not ‘overrated’ in hate, anger, scheming, lying, and a bad tan!

Freedom is the right of every citizen of the land of liberty, the land others once held as an example of dreams and hope. In this year, and this month, and on the twentieth day those on the outside looking in, know we must now find another example for the present. That great land of the free and home of the brave is in turmoil, and they need to get themselves in order.

Freedom, it is what everyone in all corners of the globe seek, fight for, pray for, and die for. Many thought freedom can come from a place, a land where choices are possible and justice is fair and available. At this time, looking in, the world can see where freedom really resides. I hope out of the dark days ahead you can see and realize that there is light. The light comes from the realization that unless we can embrace the freedom of choice from within, freedom on the outside will continue to be a battle.

During this time, I am seeing a multitude of people fighting for their freedom, and its not only blacks or Muslims. Finally the people understand that the oppressed are made up of minorities, gender biases, immigrants, differently abled, veterans, different races, black lives and a list of people who are deemed to be of lesser value than the new leader and his cohorts.

When the people unite there is strength. When the press and the people unite, there will be freedom at the end of the road. This is a defining historic period in time, reminiscent of many, many years ago. The Cold War of was over with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now the Kremlin returns, and what is at stake is bigger than what fell. Let the world know ‘The United Soviet States of America’(USSA) will not become a reality.


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