Feeling Fabulous Through Eating Choices

My ‘mind-style’ relationship with Food

A few months ago I wrote my truth and shared it with the world. That was a good thing. There is a change in my life and it feels damm good! I love food, and cooking and naturally eating follows that trend of thought. I’m not simply eating what’s available but now I’m consciously thinking about what goes into this ‘body fabulous’ and getting excited!

I’d like to share how this mindset adopted, has gradually become a habit. The changes feel good. I’m in my amazing zone! Let’s get back to my goal ‘From Flab To Fab’ published in Thrive Global and move forward to the change in my attitude and acceptance of this beautiful me! I’ve been doing a lot of lifestyle changes and ‘mind-style’ shaking. My ‘mind-style’ is just my jazzy way of giving my mind the vision of the food it wants to see me consume. There is now an image of the foods craved and drawn towards when I think of something sweet.

As I type the word ‘sweet’ papaya comes to my mind, with an accompanying image.

I love fried chicken, but its not the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) that appears but that roasted chicken grilled with a spicy seasoning blend, steaming hot !

If I’m feeling the need for chocolate I’m still seeing that Cadbury bar but it looks like a couple nuggets of Hershey's. Two nuggets can satisfy but I also see that danger sign over ‘my favorite’ Cadbury most times - because I would probably eat the whole thing. Its okay to acknowledge weakness, once its associated with trouble you learn NOT to go there. Before I felt weak, but now I’m actually making choices which are good for ‘body fabulous’.

We are conditioned to crave and desire food for comfort. Our brains are on overload from an early age with ‘bad eating options’. Its further fueled by the concept — ‘eating in moderation’ is a sign of strength and control. Hello, if you keep telling kids guns are safe, giving them guns to hold, exposing them to safety practices with guns, it will not make the gun less dangerous when they get upset and use it! The gun is not a toy and should not be used or handled by children because pressing that trigger can change or end lives. Its the same thing with food.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, really went directly to the core of the problem with obesity in the USA, and its about that ‘food relationship’. How we use food can either hurt us or nourish us; this is universal, and affects everyone. Building that good relationship is a lot easier from an early age, thus our children’s nutritional choices are important.

In my determination to become this ‘whole-self fabulous’ my relationship with food is major. I’ve used food as a crutch for a long time, and that would be okay, if I was making good choices. When I’m thirsty now, its water I crave. Having juice is a snack option. If I load up on the sugar and calories when I need to rehydrate, I am still thirsty — and now adding an unhealthy choice! Understanding why one beverage should be chosen over another was a relationship milestone.

It is with much pride and passionate dedication, I’m suggesting we develop good alliances with what we consume. We get close to people and build relationships when we learn more about them.

My biggest tip for anyone today is to learn more about food and nutrition. Seek out and gain knowledge from your doctor, the internet, YouTube, Food network channel, and any credible source of information. Track what you eat , keep a food diary, and later on keep that daily number of calories in your head. Hey, when I cross my 1800 calorie target for the day, I finish up with tea, water, or fruits. This works for me.

You owe it to yourself to be accountable to You!

Life is not easy nor is it perfect based on someone else’s standard or criteria. I’m making my own standards using the great information available and I’m getting results which are satisfying. We need good sustainable eating choices, and they are not as expensive as one may think. It takes time, but this is a marathon journey and I’m feeling fabulous along the way!

If this resonates with you, there is my ‘heart’ which beats when you ‘click’! Please share your thoughts via comments. Thanks for being awesome!

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