Allan, as I read this I thought I was about to get hemorrhoids! Its absolutely insane. What happens in the USA does not impact on me directly but it does to the folks I know and love.

I know I’m not supposed to wish bad on anyone or even pray for anything bad to happen to them. Tomorrow I will have to confess. I had a really bad thought about all those criminals who voted for that bill. I’m so ashamed. I wished on them all exactly what they have voted for — for all the people. Then I desired they get it tenfold, because if was good to give it should be better to receive X 10

I know you must’ve been worried not hearing from me this morning but I decided I needed a supernatural plan. I’m wishing them all they give to the citizens they promised to represent faithfully all the fake lies and fake fables. Its wrong to give something you know is really very bad, while saying you are doing something good. So in effect I was wishing them bad to the tenth power!

By the way my brother, I love this post, you are improving everyday. Soon I will bestow upon you the award for ‘best political satire’. Maybe I better not. Someone might say its a fake award and should go to some trumped up fool because they are the real deal when it comes to satire!

This is so confusing.. fake, real, fake ,real. Fake family, fake man, fake marriage, fake values, fake beliefs, fake president, fake friends, fake money, real Russians, real liars, real fake paul ryan, reality should be fake!

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