A Changing World

In the forefront of my mind…

Let’s face this thing head on. Don’t keep your head in the sand, buried, because you can’t see beyond the bubble of your existence. I’m not confused, scared or afraid of the changing of the guard for The United States Of America ( if that continent can lay claim to that name anymore). The political climate of the world at large has changed and with it, the essence of values, love, peace, respect, compassion, truth and the whole shebang as we know it.

Face the reality. On January 20th a man who is the opposite of all that is good and kind, will become a major world leader. Accept it world. When someone who has lived life a certain way becomes a leader, he takes his character with him. The good will be gone. The white knight in a black body, full of knowledge and reason must hand the baton to his polar opposite. That is the truth, and the reality the world must face. Call him what we will, and see him for who he is, but ultimately we are now emerging into a season of the rising of a ‘new Hitler’. This is it.

What unites the world and the people who have life, are challenges. It is accepted and customary for everyone to focus on improving the lives of ourselves and others. That will be the past. The new present brings the cynicism and greed of the few, who are finally able to flex their wings and rise to gain, from those who must now suffer.

It’s not all doom and gloom, be assured of that. As a world citizen, life anywhere in the world will impact on me, as it will on you. There is a shift in thinking, which we must make if we are to successfully overcome the days ahead. Our mindset, cannot be filled with sudsy water and cloudy fragrances. We must be aware every single day, of our past. We must allow the past that we know which was good to shine its light on the present and the future. We must be more aware of our rights, and the right of freedom and speech. We must be aware that our freedom which we hold dear and freely, is now under attack. We must be strong. Stronger than we can imagine we can be. Our lives as citizens of this world is under attack. Arm yourself with knowledge. Arm yourself with a passion for freedom and truth. Arm yourself with hope.

Be ready, be prepared to say that you cherish your mother, your wife, your daughter. Be ready to understand that legitimacy must come from what is not contaminated. Be ready to not be drawn into violence by those who can only understand scheming and violence. Be ready and be strong to stand up to those who seek to pull you down to their level.

Good ultimately will prevail.