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The year 2021 will be known as the year the entire world stood still. We all felt, and are still feeling the pandemic and its effect on our countries. In the Caribbean we are not insulated from the coronavirus Covid_19, but maybe we are small enough for it to be manageable with strong leadership. I’ve experienced the lockdowns and isolating interactions, but I am happy to be alive to type this post to you.

Writing for me is like breathing, its what I do when I need to relax, exercise and enjoy time. …

Distressed panties anyone?

Can the demand for distressed garments push you to the selection of your ultimate intimate?

Distressed panties will not be something on my list ‘to purchase’. I’ve got a few organically developed and they are too comfortable to let go. I had this crazy thought about ‘distressed fashion’, while hanging my undergarments on an outdoor line to get some sun-drying.

The thought…

Maybe plan B will make me a Star

“I’m always going to be a minority unless I stand out from the crowd so those like me will stand also.” (dwordslayer, 2018)

I can’t sleep because I’m looking for a reasonable answer which requires feedback from someone else. To understand the reason behind my insomnia, stepping back a bit is important. It’s time to get specific about the Medium Partner Program.

To Team Medium

Medium is a pleasure to write on. Its one of these platform where writers can experiment, induldge and enjoy writing while building a following, and if you are one of the privilaged few — earn money. For persons…

The ugly truth in plain sight

I can vaguely remember a book I read during my secondary level literature class called ‘School’s Out’. I cannot recall the author but I remember the plot was one which involved the most unlikely careless people in the role of teachers. That book shed light on what happens when the education system fails children and the community. At the time I thought it was a funny satirical story about our West Indian education system which was not at all like that. …

Living through economic and social forces

Donna Luisa‏ @DLE41

The ABC today.Recalling time when cussing not a language and unacceptable on the top ten songs identify with language of expression and free speech. With deeper meaning and raw truths.. #lifeChanges #theAisaword #Bisaword #Cisaword and #Fisaword

The days of change are remembered.

There was a time when buying an apple in my country was 1TT$ and that was expensive, so we opted to eat mangoes which were free. No neighbour would consider selling a mango and we gladly ‘stoned’ the tree for the fruits to fall, the more agile opting to climb and sit on a branch eating while the others looked…

Don’t look the other way…please!

This story comes from a life changing experience, where many hurdles were discovered after an on the job injury. Maybe you or someone you know have suffered the after effects of an ‘on the job injury’. Here are some thoughts to reflect and act on!

A closer look

Humanitarian Advocacy can be simply defined as the action and process of supporting a cause to make other people’s lives better!

There is a reason to promote a culture of humanitarian advocacy for all businesses as they seek their own success. What do people mean to you? …

A different reality to understand

Cyber security and hacking

I don’t want to ever get hacked!

I’m not skilled or savvy when it comes to online security. Most of us are aware of ‘hacking’, but few of us can identify when being hacked until its too late.

We should not be afraid to ask questions especially in this age of information & technology. Asking questions and having discussions is the only way we can start being prepared for online and social media security.

There are rules and laws which govern behaviors and crimes in the ‘physical world’ . …

Break it to me gently!

“Mom, I’m getting married at the end of next month!”

That’s how my beloved first child, my son, told me of his upcoming nuptials. He did not sit me down and give me some tea, or even a glass of water. No way, he just ‘dropped it like it was hot’. It was decisive and a done deal.

Us mums are not to be mistaken for the flowers called ‘mums’, sitting calmly and nicely waiting to be watered to bloom. We bloom within chaos and calm! I was stunned. It should have been expected but I guess there was that…

You have enough right now to accomplish anything!

You have the power

You are stronger than you think you are. You can do all things you set your mind and heart to accomplish. Your growth is best defined by your ability to keep trying! I tell myself these words as often as I can.

Many years ago I spearheaded the development of a certificate ventilation program. This program was a major part of our brand development strategy for my company based in the Caribbean. We were small, but different in our marketing approach. We wanted to grow and expand our market. The vision was simply to ensure our distributors and their customers…

Reality stories from Customer Service experiences!

Customer service will always be important! This is a truth which will never go away. Quality customer service impacts on the performance of a business and its sustainability.

The customer service story is like a reality show in which each business will play a staring role. The person relating the story in this show is your customer. How the story will be narrated and the size of the audience depends on the emotional experience and network of your customer. The success or failure of the show will impact on your business — are you ready to go viral?

Reality roles and business experiences

When visiting…


I'm a business development marketing entrepreneur & Dwordslayer — I love different cultures,people and words. My Best brand I own — Me!

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